Desso launches second Axminster carpet collection by Barbara Broekman

Desso has teamed up with Barbara Broekman for the second time to create a carpet collection that confronts the senses.

Desso has teamed up with Barbara Broekman for the second time to create a carpet collection that confronts the senses. The new collection is called ‘Pops’, comprehends powerful and colorful designs, and has just been launched.

‘Pops’ is the second collection by Barbara Broekman for Desso, succeeding the successful first ‘Landscape’ collection which was inspired by the surprising landscapes you can find on our planet when you view it from the air, varying from natural shapes to aircraft bone yards.

Broekman often incorporates fundamental issues in her work. She finds imagery that represents the message she wants to bring across, while merging extremes such as autonomous and industrial arts, or timeless and contemporary art. But the basis of her work and method is rooted in the Bauhaus tradition: function, form and substance as a carved whole. Now and then, she falls back on this philosophy, exploring themes such as color, light, movement, energy and 3D effects on a flat surface.

The Pops collection is an outstanding example, using a motif she noticed in a design book as the inspiration. Broekman often uses existing imagery in her work and sometimes gets inspired directly by a motif she sees. In this case, the image appealed due to its movement and possibilities to enhance the effect. This existing pattern was developed into new designs and derivatives, creating the complete Pops collection.

Broekman used fierce colors to create her new collection – including bright shades of red, yellow and blue – but faces these with designs in black and white to create a contrast. The result is a surprising view on the effects of color.

Roland Jonkhoff, Managing Director Hospitality, Marine and Aviation, comments: “I am thrilled to work together with and get inspired by a famous designer like Barbara Broekman. Combined with our expert in-house design team, it is collaborations such as these that strengthen our design leadership.”

Desso and Broekman have cooperated on specific projects for a number of years, including two projects that are reviewed in the brochure. The brochure can be downloaded from the Manuals & Brochure section on this website. Separate designs can be viewed in Desso’s online Design Library. For a copy of the brochure, please contact your local sales representative.